Tips for Buying

Always looking for bargains? Then search no more! Buying on Selio is really easy, but some tips can´t do any harm:


  • Agree on the price before you meet the seller and don't hesitate asking all that you want to know about the product before ending the transaction.
  • Preferably meetup in person and pay in cash. Try to meet in a convenient public location such as a coffee shop.
  • We do not recommend shipping or paying online for items but in case you do, use safe payment methods such as Paypal or you can choose a company that provides pay upon delivery (COD) payment method. It’s important to prevent any bad experience that may occur.
  • If you find a bargain be quick and try to answer quickly on the chat and always be respectful!
  • Please do let us know if you find any suspicious behaviour from any user. We want Selio to be a safe and pleasant community; thereby, we will intercede if we are informed about fake profiles or communication problems between users. RESPECT comes first.
  • Trust, but don’t let yourself be fooled. If the product you found is extremely cheap (especially if it’s some sort of technology gadget or a top brand item), it could be fraudulent. Keep an eye on details such as if the pictures of the product seem to be taken out of a catalogue. You can report any product on the app to help us control this kind of posts.
  • It is important that if you change your mind just before you meet the seller you let him know. Nobody likes waiting for someone that will never appear!
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