Tips for selling

Selling, like buying is incredibly simple. Be nice and try to respond quickly to users. Here are some tips:


  • Take pictures under natural daylight (if possible) and in case of clothing and accessories it is always better to wear them when taking the picture.The aim is that your product appears great, being as attractive (and natural) as possible, but no editing pictures.. ;-)
  • Avoid using flash and try to put the products in an orderly fashion. Clothes should preferably be ironed and it generally looks better on the hanger.
  • The main picture is the picture that will show on the long page of results as well as the main picture when someone clicks your ad. So pick the best and most appropriate photo to stand out.
  • You can upload up to four photos per listing, so take advantage of this showing all the details well.
  • Choose an appropriate background for the picture. Have a neutral, contrasting background and good lightning to achieve a better result. It's also recommended not to take pictures on top of your grandmother's old tablecloth ;-)
  • White backgrounds or screenshots aren't recommended, as it may seem that the photo isn't of the item itself but taken from a catalogue or from somebody else.


  • Be concise about what your item is in the title field. A clear title sells well!
  • The title not only summarizes what you are selling but it is also critical for Selio searches. If your title includes the brand, model and size (when relevant) it´ll help buyers find it!
  • Write an accurate description and above all be honest describing the item as it is. Nobody likes to be disappointed and we are all here to have a great experience.
  • Be descriptive: think if all the typical questions someone might ask about your item. If it’s clothing what you are selling specify the size and if it’s used or not.


  • Ask for a reasonable competitive price. Do a quick check first by searching for similar items on Selio and seeing how others are pricing their items.
  • If the price is non-negotiable it´s better to specify it on the text.

Share your listing

  • Share your ads on Facebook and Twitter!
  • Your friends are the most likely group of people to support you - both by following your profile and also purchasing your items. After all, they should already trust you enough to buy from you!

Meetup in person

  • Meet face to face and in public spaces like a coffee shop.
  • Accept cash only. Do not accept money orders, personal checks or cashier/certified bank checks. Never accept wire transfers or send money electronically; don’t proceed with transactions that require shipping or escrow services, or if the buyer is unwilling or unable to meet in person to complete the transaction.
  • Be smart and intuitive for a great experience!
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