Privacy Policy

1. General provisions 

1.1. Selio (hereafter - Company) provides you services (hereafter - Services) for the non-commercial use of the site (hereafter - Site) in accordance with these Terms. The commercial use of the Site (including for the management of advertising campaigns) is governed by other agreements made directly with the recipient of such Services.

1.2. Visiting the site, as well as the use of the information hosted on it, signifies your agreement with these Terms. You may not use the Services if you have not accepted the Terms.

1.3. You may not use the Services if this is forbidden by the laws of the country of which you are a resident, or the territory of which you are located in while you use the Services.

1.4. Selio may periodically alter these Terms without prior notice. The latest version of these Terms is always accessible at the address If you continue to use the Services after the Terms have changed, this is interpreted as your consent to the new edition of the Terms.

2. Release from guarantees 

You understand and accept that:

2.1. Information on the Site is provided "as-is", without any guarantee as to its accuracy, you use the Site at your own risk. The company does not bear any responsibility whatsoever for the consequences of your use of information found on the Site.

2.2.The Company does not guarantee:

that information on the Site will correspond to the purpose of your visit;
the uninterrupted functioning of the Site;
the error-free functioning of the Site.
2.3. Any site content (text, graphics, audio or video) posted for common use is the responsibility of the person that created such content.

2.4. The Site may contain links to other websites that belong to other individuals and legal entities. You acknowledge and agree that the Company bears no responsibility for the accessibility or content of these resources, as well as any consequences related to the use of such Content.

2.5. The Company does not bear responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented on the Site and reserves the right to change without notice any materials that are located on the Site.

2.6. The Company periodically makes changes in the nature of how its Services are offered. You agree that the Services may change without your being notified of the impending changes.

2.7. Selio may at any time temporarily or permanently cease the provision of its Services without prior notice.

3. Restrictions 

3.1. You agree to not use the site to post content which:

insults or violates the rights of individuals or organizations.
contains factually inaccurate information, libelous information, or information which damages a business reputation.
is in the name of other people or organizations, in cases when the poster does not possess the necessary rights to do so.
is protected by copyrights, trademarks or patents which belong to third parties.
violates the laws of the country of which you are a resident, or the territory of which you are located in while you use the Services.
3.2. You commit yourself to undertaking no actions aimed at:

impairing the functioning of the Company's equipment;
impairing the use of the Services by other users of the Site;
damaging the Company's equipment or data stored thereon.
3.3. You undertake to not give false personal information on any registration form on the Site (including e-mail addresses which you do not have the right to use).

4. Privacy 

4.1. Selio 's Privacy Policy is always accessible at the following address: This document describes the terms on which Selio stores and uses the information received from you.

4.2. By agreeing with these Terms you also agree with the Company's privacy policy.

5. Concluding provisions 

5.1. Nothing in these Terms shall be construed as the establishment between the Company and you of an agent relationship, collaboration, employer-employee relationship, or any other sort of relationship which is not directly specified in these Terms.

5.2. You agree that the Company shall not bear responsibility before you or any third party for the violation of your obligations under these Terms. You bear sole responsibility for any consequences stemming from such violations.  
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